Introduction, why should you read this?

Hello and welcome to this brand new blog about the Pokemon Trading Card Game.

First off I’ll give you a quick intro about me and what I’m aiming to achieve with this page.

My name is Ryan from the UK. I got back into Pokemon about 4 years ago after buying Pokemon Platinum and have been obsessed again ever since. I have been playing the Pokemon TCG competitively since the middle of the 2011/2012 Season. I quickly enveloped myself into the competitive scene here in the UK and have made some great friends so far!

So why should you read this? Well playing the last 18-24 months I haven’t had that much success winning only a couple of small tournaments. This has mainly been down to me not going to that many tournaments because of work/travel difficulties and taking breaks from playing the game altogether. But I believe I can provide (or at least attempt to provide) some helpful insight into the TCG be it deck lists, strategy or just general thoughts and opinions.

I have experience writing for several gaming websites and have previously written a gaming blog albeit slightly unsuccessfully. With the Pokemon TCG being a very important passion of mine I think I will be able to make a success of writing about it.

I hope most of you know what the name of the blog references, if you don’t a Stage 1 Rush is a type of deck that was popular when I started playing and it was my first competitive deck. It involved using multiple stage 1 attackers that could hit hard and fast whilst being able to cope with most of the meta at the time, a bit like the Flareon archetype that we have at the moment.

Anyway that’s the intro out of the way. Next time I’ll be straight down to business with a profile of a deck I’m currently testing for Cities this winter.



3 thoughts on “Introduction, why should you read this?

      1. cyndaquil

        Awesome yeah, I’ll invite you 🙂
        Hehe I’m sure you will 😛
        My tip is to have a look around, follow other blogs, and comment on their blogs. I don’t get a chance to do this much, but if you do, you get followers.

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