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How to draft – X/Y Prerelease – Cardiff UK

Hey everyone, sorry it has been a while since I have written an article. I have recently bought my first house with my girlfriend and to say I’ve been busy is an understatement. I haven’t been to any Cities over here in the UK due to work, time and money issues. But I hope to be able to get to some League Challenges and a Regional (States for those of you in the US) in the next few months so things are looking up!

Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder and I couldn’t wait to get the event this past weekend. We have a whole region of new Pokemon that we’ll be getting in card form over the next few sets and I’m so glad the Black and White sets are finally done with. So onto a little bit of information about the set itself and the prerelease that I went to.

No more B/W Sets

No more B/W Sets

This set is pretty big, coming in at 146 cards I can’t remember the last time we had a set this big. It’s a lot bigger than B/W base was. I won’t go through the cards as it would take forever but I may mention a few of them along the way. I think there quite a lot of interesting and quirky cards in the set. There a few key cards that will most definitely see play, some fringe cards that will work in certain decks and those random cards that you’re not sure if they are good or not but you know someone will probably make them work.

Anyway this was my first event since St Austell Regionals and I had barely played any Pokemon over Christmas and the New Year. I love going to prereleases escpecially after having a while off from the game as they are so fun to play in and they ease you back into playing again.

Awesome Ability

Awesome Ability

I didn’t pull anything particuarly amazing from my 6 packs, highlights were an Aromatisse which I was pleased about as it’s a great card, a holo Rhyperior, a holo Vivillion (as far as I know there are different colour ones that you can get much like in the videogame, I got the pink one), a reverse Delphox which is very playable and I got a good number of trainers seeing as it was a prerelease where you normally end up with like 1 or 2.

So then I had to make my 40 card deck and it was as follows:

2 Chespin
1 Jigglypuff
1 Wigglytuff
2 Spritzee
1 Aromatisse
2 Swellow
1 Corsola
2 Voltorb

1 Evosoda
1 Max Revive
2 Great Ball
1 Super Potion
1 Muscle Band
2 Professor's Letter
1 Shauna
1 Team Flare Grunt

13 Fairy Energy
4 Grass Energy
1 Rainbow Energy

I was actually really pleased with the deck i put together in under 10 minutes. The energy count may seem high but in drafting you have no energy accelration so you need to hit them every turn and it seemed like the right amount. The Pokemon lines are a bit thin obviously as you don’t have many copies of  each card and I had 10 trainers and suppporters, a quarter of my deck which is crazy for a prerelease!

Most of the Pokemon served a purpsose, I did consider serveral others but these were defintiely the best choice.

Chespin has a 1 energy attack Pin Missile – flip 4 coins and it does 10 damage times the number of heads which is awesome for this sort of event.

Aromatisse as i said earlier is going to be used in Fairy decks when it comes to modified. It’s ability Fairy Transfer let’s you move Fairy energy from one of your Pokemon to another one of your Pokemon as often as you like during your turn so it’s basically a stage 1 version of Hydreigon with Dark Trance. It wasn’t quite as useful here but still solid.

Fairys mean business

Fairys mean business

Swellow had an OK attack that I got to use a couple of times, for CC it does 10 plus 30 more if you get heads on a coin flip.

Voltorb was there for it’s interesting ability and I’m pretty sure everyone who pulled it played it because I saw it a lot. It’s ability Destiny Burst says If it is your active Pokemon and it’s knocked out by an opponents attack flip a coin, if heads put 5 damage conters on the attacking Pokemon, pretty nifty. It also has Rollout which does 10 for 1 energy but all you had to do was stall with it up and your opponent has to knock it out!

But the MVP of my deck was most definitely Wigglytuff! It was only a thin 1-1 line but I got it out nearly every single game. In this format cards with no damage ceiling can be massive. It’s first attack Baloon Barrage does 20x the amount of energy attached to Wigglytuff. So my main strategy was to stall with a Voltorb or Chespin and build up a Wigglytuff on the bench to OHKO everything. It was a pretty clutch card quite a few times. I think i was able to get it out so easy as I had 2 Great Balls to thin my deck, an Evosoda which could directly seach for it and I had Shauna which was a good hand referesh.

Will see some competitive play.

Will see some competitive play.

We had 10 Masters which meant 4 rounds. I won’t go through all of the games, I’ll just tell you that I went 3-1 and came third apparently, not sure how that happened as I swear I was one of the only two players going 3-0 going into the last round, anyway it doesn’t matter. It was a really fun day and I’m now working on my Fairy.dec list as it’s going to be at least semi playable.

Thank you for reading. I hope everyone enjoys their prereleases this weekend. I’m aiming to bring you some fresh new deck ideas and card discussion soon.