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Coming back and pre Nationals musings

Hello all, it certainly has been a while since i last wrote here. Not long after the XY pre release I went to in January the details for UK Nationals were annouced. Safe to say I wasn’t happy about what followed. Following on from a season where there have been lots of questionable decisions over which venues were given Regionals etc the new organisation who are head of UK organised play announced that Nationals would be held in Manchester. For those not from the UK Manchester is in the North West of England. I don’t want to dwell on this part too much but basically it’s quite far away for a lot of people in the UK myself included. That news coupled with the fact that I was struggling to fund the travel expenses I didn’t see any way that I could reasonable make it to Nationals so I decided to quit.

I actually sold about £300 worth of cards (including my Tropical Beach) and was happy in the knowlege that I would now have some money to spare. That was until I saw the XY Flashfire scans and the Pokemon nerd in me came flooding back. I always get drawn in when new things come out and in the spur of the moment I looked up when the nearest pre release would be, it turned out that it was taking place the very next day so I thought screw it I’m going to go!

Not only did I miss the awesome cards I also had other reason for coming back. I missed deckbuilding, it’s one of the best things about this game and trying to perfect a list before a big tournament is a challenge I always relish but I mainly came back because I didn’t like the thought that I would never seem my Pokemon friends ever again and Nationals is always such a fun day to go to.

So here I am, a mere 5 days ago I was sitting here thinking I wish I could go to Nats why did I have to quit? Since then I’ve booked the time off from work, sorted out a lift with my awesome Pokefriend Bella and hopefully secured the last of my play points in time. Now all that’s left is to build a deck.

After selling quite a few playable cards I am left without a playable meta deck. The one I am closest to having a full list of is Yveltal/Darkrai/Garbodor. I know it’s one of the best decks atm (maybe bdif) but to be honest I played Darkrai last year at Nats and played it in the the last 2 major tournaments that I entered as well, I’m sort of sick of it. I know it revolves more around Yveltal now but I really don’t want half of my rounds to be dull mirror matches. My lack of hotel booking on the Saturday of Nats this year shows that I’m not going believing that I’m going to place well (no matter what deck I play) so I might as well play something I will have fun with.

I also can’t play a deck that needs Tropical Beach as I sold mine (I might have a way to borrow some but that means depending on other people who might not decide what they want to play until very close to the event) So I can’t play Blastoise or Rayboar and I don’t particuarly want to splash the cash for Virgen.

What does this all mean though? It means I’m actually going to bite the bullet and play rogue at Nationals. I regretted not playing my Articuno/Garbodor list last year as I believed it could have performed reasonably well and I would have had a hell of a lot more fun with it but I convinced myself that I needed to play meta. I’m playing for fun this year, winning and getting to Top cut would just be a bonus not my aim.

But I’m certainly not playing rogue just for the sake of it or to be ‘different’. The deck will be based around a card that was released in XY Flashfire. It has been briefly mentioned and discussed quieltly by a few online but nobody knows if this card will prove to be good until sufficient testing has been done. There are a few ways to build a deck around this card and I plan on trying the two best variants of it. I have an initial list for one version that I personally see being the better choice. I will not be revealing what it is yet, certainly not today and probably not before Nationals. I know it may not matter as most people in the UK won’t see this but I like to go into an event with an air of secrecy and only a few close friends will know what I’m playing. I know all you TCG players out there will respect that as you wouldn’t want somebody else stealing your hard earned lists.

As I mentioned before I love deckbuilding. I’ve been working on things again today, not actually writing lists but just gaining some knowldege, watching gameplay videos, listening to podcasts etc and just running through my head right how is my deck going to beat this, will this work etc, it always goes much better in your head (theorymon). As much as I enjoy doing this I’ll be getting down to testing on playtcg as soon as the new scans are up. If all goes well my original ideas won’t be too far off the mark (you always expect at least 3-5 cards to be wrong) and I can find out what the optimum list will be.

I’ve said it before but I’m going to break the format eventually 🙂