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Still here for you – A look at the XY Furious Fists Supporter Cards


Hey everyone, I realise that at this moment in time there is quite a lot to talk about in the Pokemon TCG and it just seems like an insurmountable task to talk about them all (Worlds, rotation and what’s happening next season, new decks, current decks and how they will change etc.)  So today I just want to sort of follow up on a previous article where I talked about the supporter cards in the XY sets by just doing a little piece about the 3 new Supporter cards in XY Furious Fists.

This is not to say I haven’t been busy though as I have been building a couple of decks and doing some online testing recently. I haven’t been to any real events though, I have missed two league challenges (one because I didn’t have the right cards available to me and one because of travel issues) but I hope to be going to events as soon as physically possible and getting stuck into this season properly. I do have a  BCR-on Virgen deck profile lined up soon so look out for that, (Virgen is still going to be good next season.)

XY Furious Fists

So there are 3 new Supporters in the Furious Fists set. One is brilliant, one may be good and could see play in one deck and one is pretty awful, let’s have a look.

Korrina: Search your deck for a fighting Pokemon and an item card, reveal them and put them into your hand. Shuffle.


Obviously this set is based mainly around the Fighting type and this Supporter card is one of the key cards that give fighting a great chance to be competitive. Searching your deck directly for two different cards? Obviously that’s an amazing effect. Most of the time you will use it to search out your Lucario EX or Landorus EX meaning you can save your ultra balls for searching out stuff like Garbodor or Mewtwo EX or anything that isn’t Fighting type. Item wise you have so many choices and you take whatever helps you the most at any given time. Usually searching for your Computer Search Ace Spec is not a bad idea, especially if you don’t have another supporter. But it can also get you that one card that is able to add a little bit more damage for a 1HKO or set you up for a 2HKO e.g a fighting stadium, or muscle band or maybe you just need a switch to start attacking! Such a versatile card is a deckbuilders dream. It means running 1 or 2 copies of an item is a smart play as you can get them in a pinch instead of having to worry about drawing into them at the right time. The only downside is that you can’t search directly for a supporter like Skyla can but this is stll a better card in Fighting decks than Skyla, you can still search for item draw cards like Bicycle or Roller Skates 😉 . Fighting decks need to play at least 3 copies if not 4 in my opinion, obviously further testing will help decide how many to actually run.


Battle Reporter: Draw cards until you have the same amount of cards in your hand as your opponent.


This is the customary bad Supporter of the set. Upon reading it first I was like oh it’s a reprint of Copycat that’s good, but then you realise it’s not. You don’t get to shuffle in your hand and then match your opponents hand size, you keep your current hand and draw up to what your opponent has in hand. So if you have 4 in hand once you have played this and your opponent has 6 you’ll be drawing 2 cards.. 2 whole cards, you might as well play Cheren. Obviously this will not be netting you a good amount of cards on a consistent basis which is exactly what a supporter shouldn’t do. If you want a consistent deck you need Supporters than you can rely upon when you draw into them. If you’re running a deck where you frequently dump your whole hand then this could get you a good amount of cards but only if your opponent has a large hand size. For those types of decks you’re better off using item draw such as Bicycle and the supporter Bianca which always gets you back up to 6. Battle Reporter does have some synergy with a couple of Pokemon cards though, Landorus Promo and Tornadus from Furious Fists. Both of these cards have an attack that let’s you deal more damage if your hand is the same size as your opponents. Neither of these attacks are especially amazing though and certainly don’t warrant the use of this terrible. card.


Fossil Researcher: Search your deck for up to 2 in any combination of Amaura or Tyrunt and put them onto the bench, shuffle.


Again this is a deck specific Supporter, in this case it’s Fossil Decks. This is actually very useful in getting those pesky Fossil Pokemon onto your bench. Before now we’ve only had Twist Mountain (which has now rotated) and fossil cards which are very hit miss and have kept Fossil Pokemon largely unplayable. This basically does the same thing as a Pokemon Fan Club so if you want to try out a fossil deck definitely use this. The Tyrantrum from Furious Fists has some potential so this may see play. Defintely keep an eye out for Fossil Pokemon this season!

That’s all from me today, make sure to check back next week to see my thoughts on Virgen following the rotation and how I think it should be played.



More content/updates coming soon 🙂